Love at first sight.



Paris, France 2014

  1. CDG Airport
  2. Metro
  3. Trocadero
  4. Eiffel Tower
  5. The Louvre
  6. Champ-Elysees
  7. Sacre Coeur
  8. Arc de Triomphe
  9. Canal Saint-Martin
  10. Pont Neuf

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52 Changes by Leo Babauta



Just finished reading this book and it was certainly inspiring!


1: Meditate Change

2: Unprocrastinate

3: Walking

4: Flexible Mind

5: Identify Your Essentials

6: Mindful Eating

7: Most Important !ings (MITs)

8: Clear a Shelf

 9: Start Saving

10: Yoga or strength training

11: Floss

12: Pay a small debt

13: Mindful Exercise

14: Budget Simply

15: Create a support crew

16: Eat some veggies

17: Gratitude

18: Clear counters

19: Slow down

20: Play

21: Flow

22: Let go of a vice

23: Don’t wish things were different

24: Clear a closet

25: Let go of TV

26: Get more sleep

27: Value time over money

28: Replace opinions with curiosity

29: Read4

30: Cut out shopping

31: Learn that you’re good enough

32: Create

33: Eat real food

34: Explore work you love

35: Help others

36: Breathe

37: Enjoy the habit

38: Solitude

39: Unclutter a room

40: Iterate the habit

41: Less busywork, more impact

42: Disconnect

43: Let go of a goal

44: Treat failure as a learning opportunity

45: Reduce commitments

46: Turn problems into opportunities

47: Savor

48: Clear your inbox

49: Teach

50: Compassion

51: Reflect

52: Realize you’re not missing out

Happy reading! 🙂

Change your Perspective

What if we had viewed life in a different perspective? What if the choices we made alter the life we have today?

If you have the opportunity to change anything, what would it be?

17:20p.m Dubai time, a heavy sandstorm is slamming the city and the famous Torch Tower – 5th highest building in the world was at massive fire, that engulfed the 86-storey tower at Dubai Marina. Just when I heard of the sad news, I had a frivolous thought of the past and asked myself the introductory question, “What if we had viewed life in a different perspective? What if the choices we made alter the life we have today?”If I have the capability of changing anything right now, I’ll go back to my youth days where the outset of  immaturity blooms. I have always had high hopes of having a better version of myself, notably- a better student at class, focused listener and an uncomplicated human who value life’s simplicity. However, I have learned that if we want an improved version of ourselves, its either we wish we made better decisions in the past or, change our perspective today. It can be a roller coaster ride, but it is never too late. I am a minimalist in the making and simplicity practitioner. I am now viewing life the way I want it to be. Life may be entirely distinctive 26 years ago. It can be a hard start. Sacrificial and uncomfortable sometimes, yet, this is one major life change I would love to embrace…


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#NP: Someone by The Rembrandts

My kind of Wednesday: #poprock

One more day and it’s the weekend. Any plans? None that I know of yet, but I look forward to writng. writing and writing. 43minutes past 7am DXB time and work starts in 47minutes.



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Life’s a beach

February 17, 2015 7:27AM Dubai time

Here we go again… I am now on my 2nd attempt in writing. First, was a failure. But today, as I reactivated my account, I don’t even know how and where to start. All I know is that I read a book (52 Changes) yesterday and I am now here, back to my old and new happy place. And why the hell not?! Well, hell YES!

Welcoming summer in the midst of February!