Flashback to December 22, 2016. – Like everybody else, it was a busy day for people doing their last minute shopping. People would run around here and there, looking for the perfect present for their loved ones. I have to be honest, I suck at this, Gift-giving. Of course, I love giving gifts. But sometimes it takes a lot of time and a few decision-makings when it comes to wanting the spot-on gift. While I was at the mall with my friend, who was ticking his last minute shopping list, I suddenly thought while everyone is busy buying gifts for others, have they ever thought of a present for themselves?  And then I paused. Asked myself the same question and went in silence. I know I have accomplished all my holiday errands- so maybe it’s time to think of a little something for myself. While walking, my friend asked if I knew of the benefits of Fitbit. All I know is that it is a wearable wireless activity tracker. He confessed that he’s been meaning to change his diet for the past year but was having a difficult time as to work schedule constrictions and for the most part there was no accountability.  Accountability is very important in your willingness to accept a certain responsibility and to recognize the intention of doing the action either for yourself or for the benefit of others. It can be as simple as meditation, exercise, writing, reading and can be complex as big life decisions such as deciding a career, changing a career, figuring out where to live, rent or buy a house or to get married or not. Therefore, in every action and decision we make, it is always important to understand the accountability and the intention of the commitment. Oh, and to end our busy holiday shopping, my friend and I gave in and purchased the Fitbit Charge 2. Not only it keeps you motivated to exercise, it also helps you improve your health by tracking your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.

What a good and healthy way to start our 2017!



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