About ME.

Hi, I’m Ley-Ann Laurice Almario. I have lived most of my 23 years in Manila, Philippines, found my second home in Dubai, UAE for 5 years, until I finally moved to the longitudinal centre of North America- Winnipeg Canada.🇨🇦

I’m a minimalist in the making.✂️ I started simplifying my life in August 2014 by getting rid of a number of things, in the manner of-physical, emotional and financial viewpoint that is of no value to my being.

I am a solo traveler.✈️ Though, I have only traveled a few countries, I take joy in traveling alone. (Please don’t get me wrong, I still believe that, “the more the merrier”) but when I travel on my own, I find solitude. I consistently make the time to appreciate every little piece of every place I go.

I am a laughter medicine woman. 😁  My family and friends know me as a good-humored person, a full-time friend and a half-blooded lover.

Reading and writing are my best-loved habits.📖 ✏️ It is my complimentary entree to everyday learning. A continuing process to self-betterment and my sort of, transitory escape to the chaotic ideal world.

Bienvenue! (:


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